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Search Indian Courts Judgements is one of the oldest Court Judgments Portal and is not just restricted to India. The service is now in it's sixth year of operations and is controlled, owned and managed by Scorpio Informatics

Scorpio Informatics, founded by technocrats from leading institutions of India like IIT in 2000, embarked upon the onerous task of creating a world class legal judgments portal as it's first in-house project and has been growing from strength to strength when more than 11 companies sprang up with the promise of delivering but found the task too tough as it involved intelligence rather than just copying ideas and contents.

Success of has been the FAST INTRASITE FULL TEXT SEARCH ENGINE, which scans across the entire database in less than 7 seconds. This is faster than even the search performed on local computers on CD based Judgments provider's contents. More than the speed, we have also worked upon the quality of results. All this has been possible due to the fact that we have our own network of dedicated database server, dedicated  web server all Linux based which keeps the service free from the Bugs that other Operating Systems are famous for.

Besides, Scorpio Informatics manages and controls a host of other services. For further details you could visit our following sites:

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