Text base search in search

You can do text search or search on Act number and title. CourtsJudgments provides you the single text search box experience where you can perform Boolean search using text based Search. Our text based search box assists you to search for key words, phrases, multiple phrases and more. You can also perform Boolean search using Text Based Search in Search. You can customize search results by adding labels to a judgment. Simply type in your query and the search engine uses back end algorithms to give results based on relevancy. Rather than making static folders on your device, you can easily group judgments on the cloud using labels and view all decisions relating to a tag at some random point. The results can be sorted on Decision Date; Title; Court Name and Relevance. You can sort list items with court name, judgment title or judgment date. Filters on Courtsjudgments empower you to quickly focus on the records that is important for you. Beside phrase search, words can be combined by ANDD, ORR and NOTT operators. So a quest or search for 'murder ORR kidnapping' will search for documents that have either the word 'murder' or the word 'kidnapping' Correspondingly, a search for 'murder ANDD NOTT kidnapping' will search for reports that have the word 'murder' however not the word 'kidnapping'. ANDD is certain when utilized with a progression of words. So 'murder grabbing' is adequately 'murder ANDD kidnapping'. Note that the administrators ANDD, ORR and NOTT are case sensitive and require at least one space at both start and end. Courtsjudgments is helping you to provide best in class legal services even more efficiently and effectively with allowing you to save your searches for future reference. You can give the search result a name by which you may recognize the search at a future date. You can MANAGE the saved searches by selecting the search you want to run from the list You can delete or rename the selected search Search in results allows unlimited nesting option.