Advance Search

CourtsJudgments has a convenient and thorough Citation search. While determining all segments of the reference, gets you remarkable result, contributing fractional data of a reference likewise gets you results, which helps you to distinguish the important relevant document.

Courtsjudgments has categories of searches separated into fields. Each field contains a particular information e.g., appellant/respondent name, judges name, equivalent citation, subject, judge name, citation, acts, rules, order etc). Advance search allows you to look on a particular field or or a combination of fields. In advance search you can do searches by date(from date & to Date) or your search title. You will find all the documents or judgments relevant your subject with search counts. You can sort search results with court name, judgement title or judgement date. Filters on Courtsjudgments enable you to rapidly concentrate on the records that are most important to you. Using filters, you can limit a query output list by jurisdiction makes a decision about name acts referred etc. t the point when you run a pursuit inquiry, the results are automatically clustered under various heads such as Court, Document Type, Subject, Judge, Ministry, Period etc. making navigation easy for the user. This interface enables you to search for words and expressions in the principle archive content and in the title of records. Some words that you may like to search are freedom of speech, murder, copyright infringement, proclamation of emergency, reservation for other backward castes, reservation in private colleges, and sexual harassment. For phrases, encase a lot of words by quotes. For example, in order to search for phrase freedom of speech in the document/title text, you need to type "freedom of speech" in the document/title text box.