A.K Tripathi Fraud Is Abconding after Ratlam Police (M.P) Serves Notice under Section 420 IPS

Mr. A K Tripathi, Managing Director of M/s Chinar Shipping & Infrastructure (I) Pvt. Ltd. Involved in so many fraudulent activities. Due to the mismanagement of the position of MD, the other directors of the company have filed pitition with Hon’ble CLB, Mumbai Bench and accordingly the Hon’ble board have appointed an independent Chairperson Mrs. Manjari Kackar for day to day financial transaction and have ceased the Cheque signatory powers of Mr. A K Tripathi. After knowing all facts that he is not a signing authority, he deliberately issued cheques for the sum of Rs. 1.75 Cr. to other party and has collected the said amount in another name but repayment cheques were given of M/s Chinar Shipping & Infrastructure (I) Pvt. Ltd. For this forgery though the Indipendent Chairperson Ms. Manjari Kackar not filed any legal suit aginst Tripathi but on cheating with company, the other shareholders of the company have filed an FIR with Ratlam police.1