About Us

courtsjudgments.com is a basically a compact integration of court judgments and bareacts with laws that allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments. It gives a single point access toward data identified with the Supreme Court and any High Court in India. Courtsjudgments has reinvented legal research by including instinctive and more smarter lawful research tools with database access, in this way reinforcing legal advisor's or lawyer's training or practice. Searching database on Courtsjudgments ensures that users spend their time analyzing information, and in context and not gathering it. Modern legal research tools, which were the area of the advantaged, has been brought to the majority by Courtsjudgment.

Legal research occupies enormous amounts of time and energy. Courtsjudgments gets you the substance, usefulness and efficient time saving search options that expansion your effectiveness and get you the data faster. Simply put, we make your research simple, relevant and quick. Having created the largest and most comprehensive online resource of primary documents, proprietary analytical content courtsjudgments offers a comprehensive database and research tool for professionals and law students.

At Courtsjudgments we provide the huge amount of database and content aggregator of Indian and International material, linking primary information, secondary material and proprietary analytical content. To become India’s premier legal information resource, courtsjudgments is designed to be utilized by a wide assortment of users across Legal, Educational, Corporate, Risk Management, Tax, Accounting, Finance, Government, Consulting, Banks, Intellectual Property, Law Enforcement, Media markets and others.

courtsjudgments.com offers customized subscription plans to suit the research requirements of every researcher. User can select their plan according to their need and additional licenses come at a minimum of 50% discount, with provision for users to pay for multiple years upfront at a discounted rate.

The company is head quartered in Indore (Madhya Predesh) has a nationwide sales office network. The team ensures that the subscribers have on ground support 365 days of the year.

For more detail reach us at - support@cj.com